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Selected Publications of Dr. Casman

Elizabeth A. Casman (2004) "The Potential of Next-Generation Microbiological Diagnostics to Improve Bioterrorism Detection Speed" Risk Analysis, 24(3):521-536.

Ha-Duong, Minh, Elizabeth A. Casman, and M. Granger Morgan (2004) "A Strategy for Bounding Attributable Risk: a Lung Cancer Example," Risk Analysis, 24(5):1071-83.

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Kathleen M. Carley, Douglas Fridsma, Elizabeth Casman, Neal Altman, Li-Chiou Chen, Boris Kaminsky, Démian Nave, and Alex Yahja (2004) "A Model of Biological Attacks on a Realistic Population," International Conference on Complex Systems, (ICCS2004) May 16-21, 2004, Boston, MA.

Martin Krayer von Krauss, Mitchell J. Small, Elizabeth A. Casman (2004) "Elicitation of expert judgments of uncertainty in the risk assessment of herbicide tolerant oilseed crops," Risk Analysis, accepted for publication.

F. Wu, D. Miller and E. Casman (2004) "Bt corn and Mycotoxin Reduction: Economic Impacts in the United States and the Developing World." Journal of Toxicology - Toxin Reviews, Aflatoxin and Food Safety Part II, 23(2/3), pp.397-424.

Carley, K.M., Fridsma, D., Casman, E., Altman, N., Chang, J., Kaminski, B., Nave, D., & Yahja, A. (2003). "BioWar: Scalable Multi-Agent Social and Epidemiological Simulation of Bioterrorism Events." NAACSOS Conference Proceedings, Pittsburgh, PA. http://www.casos.ece.cmu.edu/projects/BioWar/

Scott Farrow, Benoit Morel, Felicia Wu and Elizabeth Casman (2003) "Pesticide Resistance, the Precautionary Principle, and the Regulation of Bt Corn: Real and Rational Option Approaches to Decision-Making" In, Battling Resistance to Antibiotics and Pesticides, R. Laxminarayan, ed., RFF Press, Washington, D.C.