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See information on most recent QMRA Summer Institute

2011 QMRA Summer Institute

Michigan State University, East Lansing MI

The 2011 CAMRA QMRA Summer Institute was hosted last year at Michigan State University.  The Summer Institute was a week long intensive workshop that trained and instructed students on the science and skills of QMRA.  The Summer Institute was held the week starting 21 August 2011 and ending the afternoon of 26 August 2011.  

QMRA Teaching and Research Workshop
Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors Education and Research Conference, 10-12 July 2011, Tampa Florida

CAMRA core researchers have been honored with the acceptance of a teaching workshop with the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP). This workshop highlighted means of instructing QMRA to undergraduate and graduate engineering students. For information on the workshop and the AEESP meeting in general, please visit http://aeesp2011.com/ or by contacting Dr. Mark H. Weir (weirma@msu.edu).


QMRA Summer Institute
Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands

The summer 2010 quantitative microbial risk assessment workshop was held in the Netherlands, at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The course ran from June 20th and end on June 25th. The theme of the workshop was risk assessment of pathogens in the environment. The course topics covered included: risk assessment methodology, hazard identification, methods of pathogen detection, pathogen fate and transport in the environment, exposure assessment, microbial dose-response models, impact of heterogeneity, risk characterization, disease burden, risk communication, and computer models for risk assessment.

2009 QMRA Summer Institute

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

This week long institute, held on the Michigan State University campus, aimed to teach participants the tools and skills needed to quantitatively assess microbial risk to human health in various situations in the indoor and outdoor environment. Participants learned how to use risk assessment for assuring safety and health goals using scientific data and computer analysis. Designed for graduate students and professionals in fields such as engineering, microbiology, epidemiology, medicine, public health, nursing, veterinary medicine, and emergency preparedness, students gained hands-on experience with risk assessment software and work on real-world case studies. Topics covered included:

  • Hazard identification & Methods of microorganism detection
  • Microbial dose-response models
  • Exposure assessment & Pathogen fate and transport
  • Infectious disease transmission modelling
  • Risk characterization and management
  • Risk communication.
  • Computer models for risk assessment.

For a more colorful introduction, see our QMRA Summer Institute Flyer.

If you are a graduate student or employee of any government, you may apply for up to $1000 in funding to offset the costs of attendence (registration, travel, lodging, etc.). Please fill out the following funding application and return it to Laurie Neuman by e-mail.

Decisions on funding applications will be announced in July. If you applied for funding but do not recieve it, you may either attend at your own expense or withdraw from the Institute and allow an applicant on our waiting list to attend.


QMRA Summer Institute Itinerary


  • Recommended arrival for participants (shuttle service to and from Lansing Airport available all week).


  • Computing Tools Workshop (optional), MSU Engineering Center: 10:00 AM, Review of data manipulation in Excel; 2:00 PM, Introduction to Crystal Ball risk assessment software.
  • Opening Reception, 6:00 PM, Kellogg Center

Monday - Thursday:

  • Instructional period, MSU Engineering Center: Lectures and exercises on aspects of QMRA, preparation of case studies.


  • Presentation of case studies, 9:00 AM, Kellogg Center
  • Closing Luncheon, 12:00 PM, Kellogg Center


If you have any questions about the QMRA Summer Institute, please contact:

CAMRA QMRA Summer Institute Team