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Project V:
Knowledge Management, Transfer, and Learning



  • Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

URL: http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~rw37/projects/ckmmra.html


Project Summary:

It is the overall objective of this project to investigate and implement effective and efficient methods to enhance the understanding of microbial risk assessment (MRA) as a body of knowledge. For this purpose, we focus on education and collaboration in combination with technological methods to promote knowledge leveraging, management, transfer and learning among members of the Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment (CAMRA). These are the objectives, approaches, and expected results from this project:

  1. Build an online collaborative repository. This will be a knowledge repository because it will use learning units represented as a knowledge formalism. Learning units will specify the task where they can be reused. The knowledge repository will promote knowledge leveraging and sharing among CAMRA's members.
  2. Reason with learning units for knowledge discovery. The learning units are amenable to automated reasoning. Reasoning methods can leverage MRA's knowledge.
  3. Build a data warehouse from data linked to the learning units. Additional knowledge discovery methods can be applied over the data warehouse. The data warehouse will be publicly available.
  4. Develop targeted educational programs.


Expected Results or Benefits:

Approaches will achieve development of an intellectual knowledge base and a CAMRA website and other dissemination means. This will support the community of practice for risk assessment principals. Produce productive and effective knowledge sharing. Finally research data will be used to develop a framework for different community of users for MRA for BAC and recommendations for policy to reduce the risk of transmission of select and other agents to populations in the U.S.. Educational programs will produce core graduate level courses for MRA, on-line learning tools and workshops to support collaborations and common aims